What we offer

Beam offers unique advantages for founders. Creating a company is the hardest thing in business, and people who haven't done it, don't really understand. We increase your odds of success based on what we have learned as founders ourselves.

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  1. Unique, pre-validated business opportunities

    We source more than 100 problems per year. These have to pass through our criteria filter (find them here). About a dozen problems pass and are then renamed ‘opportunities’. These are the ones we pitch to you, founder! We have a bias for B2B business models with a clearly visible break-even.

  2. Quick MVP access to B2B customers

    We are strong believers in the lean-startup approach. During your 20-week validation journey, being able to discuss and test your solution hypotheses or MVP with B2B customers of all sizes is a massive advantage. Through BEUMER Group and partners, we have quick access to thousands of B2B customers across the entire logistics landscape.

  3. Large expert and support network

    Beam has a high-caliber network of people working with advanced challenges in software and web technology as well as logistics. Our advisory network is second to none for anyone building a software-centric business in logistics. If you have what it takes we will give you access to our huge network of experts for your validation.

  4. Up to 80% of company equity for the founding team

    Do your research: This deal doesn’t get more founder-friendly. Beam is not stingy. Building a company together is as intense a business relationship as it gets. We want this relationship to be long-term oriented, fair and super-stable. Our companies’ success rests on the long-term motivation and drive of our founders. That’s why we always have their best interest in mind. It’s your startup. We are (only) here to help you be successful.

  5. Solid funding

    We want you to have a minimum of 18 months runway after every financing round. You shouldn’t need to constantly worry about fundraising. We provide you with access to top-tier VCs, help you with your follow-on funding, and support you in your financial planning.

  6. Operational excellence

    It’s the same as with network access: most investors claim to provide it. Yet often they disappoint. We know you want excellent operational support when climbing that mountain toward success. Evaluate for yourself how we would deliver.

  7. Work in a family business

    The beauty of working with a family business is stable relationships and long-term commitments. We always think about the long term – between 5 years and a whole generation instead of anywhere between a quarterly report and the next career move. With Beam, expect no politics and a refreshingly transparent and value-based communication and decision-making style. Be the best and stay on the team.

  8. Quick decisions

    Beam is fully independent. But you can also rely on quick decision making by the parent company, if the need arises.

  9. Partnership and emotional support

    We’ve been there too. We know that in the beginning nobody cares, and that success looks all too easy looking back. The biggest danger to bold business ideas is to lose faith too quickly. We will remind you why you started this. We will help you pick yourself back up when setbacks happen. And we will celebrate your success, even when the road looks longer than you thought.

How we invest

We identify non-obvious, market-changing business opportunities and collaborate with outstanding founders. We then launch startups jointly that address business problems at least 5X better than the status quo.

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