How we work

"Follow the money", they say. So let's understand why Beam was founded and how we measure performance and success.

Why Beam exists

Beam is the company builder of the family-owned, German BEUMER Group (BG). BG is a world champion in intra-logistics. Intra-logistics: Something gets transported from A to B within a specific area. Beam is based in Berlin.

To understand why Beam exists today, let’s step back in time: A few years ago, BG was one of the largest vendors of CD sortation equipment in the USA. Business gradually dried up. It became apparent only later that this was due to Spotify: same customer need, different business model – and large consequences for BG.

So if it happens again, the disruption might just as well come from Beam. That’s why half the startups we build annually are focussed on intra-logistics opportunities. The other half is free to innovate on logistics business models. Beam aims to disrupt BG’s core business. In the future, its companies will contribute substantially to BG’s revenues and profits.

That’s why Beam can think and act like a family business: long-term. (The source of yet another competitive advantage.)

The only thing we can all control is our attitude.

Beam’s values

We are part of a family business. When we say ‘values’, we affectionately mean it. They are the foundation of our relationship with our founders (and all other stakeholders).

  1. We have a passion for performance. Funding startups is hard enough. We strive for original thinking and execution at the highest level.
  2. We take ownership both for our own tasks and for those that risk being overlooked or neglected – as such, we adhere to the spirit, not the letter.
  3. We believe in diversity: Holistic products are best built by teams with wide arrays of technical backgrounds, nationalities, genders and origin stories.
  4. We also believe in continuous learning – we have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change.
  5. We treat others with respect and strive for honest, fair and open-hearted communication.
  6. We believe in the simple, not the complex.
  7. We believe in saying no to dozens of projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us.
  8. We believe in deep collaboration and in enabling others – both of which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot.
  9. We are part of the BEUMER Group family. We understand that we are part of a friendly, larger entity with similar values and objectives. We think long-term.

Excellent execution

Beam exists to empower and serve its startup founders. If they are successful, then Beam (and ultimately BEUMER Group) is successful.

The opposite of success is failure. As important as failure is for learning, we don’t want to be surprised by it. Failure is driven by risks. We want to help our founders understand and mitigate risks – primarily regarding ‘unknowns’:

  • You know what you don’t know: We will connect you with experts so that your team gets up to speed and a best-practice solution is implemented. We will also support your evaluation and decision making. These aren’t costs, but investments.
  • You don’t know, what you don’t know: That’s the tougher one. First and foremost, you have to stay humble, vigilant and spend sufficient time on reflection. We will support you with relentless independent thinking and joint workshops. We will also continuously connect you with people in our network that can contribute their relevant experience and perspective.

We share the mindset of an entrepreneur. And we know what it means to walk that path. Our team is small and equally dedicated. We value teamwork over showmanship. We add value through our service attitude and by leveraging our network to support our founders hands-on in your most urgent and important issues.

We want to be a long-term partner, not a short-term accelerator

We love our work. And we carefully choose the words to describe it. We don’t say “deals” or “exits”. We consider ourselves partners for the long term. We want you to build legendary companies. If, as a founder, your initial goal is an exit, you are setting up a financial product, not a company. That’s not for us. But why? Someone very successful once said to us:

Humans have two legs; money has four legs. Two legs are never gonna catch four legs.

It definitely helps if you genuinely enjoy the topic you work on and the people you work with. The notorious Valley saying is “you win or you learn”. Better make sure the trip was worth it either way.

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Meet the team

We are a lean operation. We prefer expertise and diverse strengths focused on a small number of companies. We compliment our startup founders by being just as hungry, just as humble, and just as focused – with a deep-rooted need to win. Our extraordinary network takes care of the rest.