Open positions

This page is your one-stop overview of all jobs available at Beam and its startups. Jobs are clustered by domain and annotated with city, type of work, and company.

The people you choose to work with will either make you or break you. We’ve spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs and experts, and the majority of them say the same thing: choosing the right people for the right job at the right time is a key combination in becoming successful. Our mission at Beam is to launch stellar software startups! To be able to do that, we needed to have all bases covered in our core team so that we can support great entrepreneurs in their journey towards success in the best way possible.

This page is your one-stop shop to find the next best step in your professional journey either at Beam in our core team, as an entrepreneur in residence, or at one of our software startups.

We are always looking for great talent for Beam and for our startups so send in your application and let’s talk 🖖🏻!

PS! If you can’t find a position you’d like to apply for, use the General Application below to send us your CV/LinkedIn and short statement, explaining what you would like to do at Beam and/or at our startups and why we need you to join our team!

PPS! Beam is an equal opportunities employer. It is our belief, that keeping diversity in mind when employing for any and every position is key to our success. We base all recruiting decisions on experience and skills, and we also consider you as a person and a culture fit for the Beam team. Passion for the simple, motivation to discover, keen to invent, simplify and build – that is what we look for in future and current team members. Applicants from all members of society irrespective of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, or belief are welcome to apply for any position at Beam!


  1. How do you choose whom to work with?

    We carefully choose the people we work with by assessing skills, strengths, potential, culture and team fit. We don’t choose by experience only! We want to make sure to find a near-perfect match based on core competencies.

    To reduce subjectivity, we have multiple stages in the application process. That way, the decisions made at Beam are based on a team effort including the perceptions, opinions, and judgment of multiple people with diverse backgrounds. This is true for entrepreneurs in residence and employees alike!

  2. What happens after I get in touch with Beam regarding an opportunity?

    The first step is a video interview with our Head of People. The goal of this call is to get an understanding of who you are as a person. Think more in terms of values, mission and motivation. No need to prepare anything for this call!

    If we can imagine a path to success for you at Beam as an Entrepreneur in Residence, we will give you access to our current problem-validation opportunities. You have the freedom to choose a problem you’d like to tackle. If there is an entrepreneur in residence already working on the same problem, we will make sure you meet them and see if you can imagine working together.

    The final step for entrepreneurs, before the decisions is made, will be to discuss validation details with our Head of Venture Development or our Managing Director, based on which problem you choose. In that discussion, we expect you to ask as many questions as possible about the problem, possible solution-visions, what has already been done on the subject as well as how Beam operates in general. Yes, we want to woo you to join us at this point, but you should also make it worth our while!

    If you’re applying for a startup, the next step after the initial call is to talk to the startup team in a further in-depth interview.

  3. How long are the meetings?

    The video-call interview with our people operations manager will last around 30-45 minutes. The meeting with the validation lead of the problem of your choice depends on you, but it usually goes for about 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours.

    The startups define the 2nd interview themselves, usually ranging from 1 hour to 2 hours.

  4. How many interviews will I have?

    You can expect a minimum of 2 interviews (as listed above), however if needed, we can also book an extra session or a call for a consultation!

  5. What should my resume look like?

    We are looking for talented experts who have a track record of notable professional and personal achievements, who can present a continuous lust for learning, and who are great storytellers. A professional network in the startup scene is an added bonus.

  6. Is there a deadline for my application?

    We are always looking, i.e there isn’t a deadline!

  7. What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur in Residence at Beam?

    We will offer you pre-validated logistics problems, not solutions! Pre-validated problems increase the likelihood of success due to better chances of product-market fit! You have the freedom to develop your own business model and business plan. Depending on the scope of the problem, you can take (unfair) advantage of having a direct connection to the BEUMER Group.

    The BEUMER Group, the family-owned company we are proud to be a part of, is a more than an 85 years old and carries it’s traditions on through Beam. Essential to our company’s DNA is that we are not looking for easy money, but want to help you build something really big over many years.

    At Beam, you will be advised and coached on business development – and have access to our network of experts. You will receive our extensive support in searching – and finding – suitable co-validators/co-founders. We encourage you to also tap into your own network and propose a potential co-validator with your application.You have round-the-clock access to our office and meeting rooms and can work with the technical equipment that suits you best. You can work together with like-minded entrepreneurs in an atmosphere that makes you want to succeed.

    Remember: This is not a job! Joining Beam as an entrepreneur in residence means you are paving the way towards becoming a co-founder of a startup. You will receive a monthly remuneration of 2,500 € (gross) for the duration of your validation (3-4 months) – so that you can fully concentrate on your validation.

  8. Does Beam assist with obtaining a visa and a working permit in Germany?

    Unfortunately, the remuneration and the short duration of the contract between you and Beam do not qualify you to obtain a visa and a working permit via Beam, hence why we do not have a visa program.