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This page is your one-stop overview of all jobs available at Beam and its startups. Jobs are clustered by domain and annotated with city, type of work, and company.

We are always looking for great talent for Beam or our startups! Check out the open positions available below!

Beam is an equal opportunities employer. That means that it is our belief, that keeping diversity in mind when employing for any and every position is key to our success. We base all recruiting decisions on experience and skills, but we also consider you as a person and a culture fit to the Beam team. Passion for the simple, motivated to discover, keen to invent, simplify and build – that is what we look for in future and current team members.

Applicants from all members of society irrespective of age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief are welcome to apply for any position at Beam!

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Use the General Application below to send us your CV and cover letter, explaining what you would like to do at Beam and/or at our startups and why we need you to join our team!

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FAQs for Founders:

  1. How do we choose who we work with Beam?

    We carefully choose the people we work with by assessing skills and potential. We don’t choose by experience only! All of the decisions made at Beam are based on a team effort, for founders and employees alike! Everyone has a say in who we work with and why. All of our decisions are made based on the strengths of each candidate.

  2. What happens after I get in touch with Beam regarding a founding opportunity?

    After we’ve made first contact, the process will continue with a 30-minute video interview to get an understanding of who you are! No need to prepare anything for this call! After the call, an intro will be made to the team and a longer Beam problems pitch session will be scheduled. In the pitch session you will meet the team face to face and get a better understanding of the business opportunities Beam has to offer.

  3. How long are the interviews and pitch sessions?

    The video-call interview with our people operations manager will last around 30 minutes. The specific Beam problems pitch session can take up to 2.5 hours.

  4. How many interviews will I have?

    You can expect a minimum of 2 interviews (as listed above), however if needed, we can also book an extra session or a call for a consultation!

  5. What should my resume look like?

    We are looking for entrepreneurs who have a track record in professional and personal achievements, who can present a continuous lust for learning new things and who are great storytellers. Having experience and a professional network in the startup scene are added bonuses. We appreciate simplicity as a core Beam value! If you have a minimum of 2-years startup experience and are motivated about founding a software startup in logistics, let’s talk!

  6. Is there a deadline for my application?

    We are always looking, i.e there isn’t a deadline!