Today, it seems like everyone has a podcast or is thinking of starting one. To help you navigate the space, we have selected our favorites that cover startups and the logistics industry.

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Below you can find our selection of podcasts that feature stories that helped us understand and learn more about the startup and logistics space or that were just an enjoyable listen. If you have one to recommend to us, feel free to reach out via mail.

We also have our very own podcast that features discussions with entrepreneurs, experts and investors from the logistics industry. Together we talk about technological innovations, discuss new digital business models and explore our ideas for a digitalized supply chain of the future. You can listen to our latest episodes on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud or add our RSS Feed to your favorite podcast app.

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Logistics startups

The incumbents' lack of initiative to reap the benefits of digitization has created a perfect playground for startups to disrupt the status quo of the logistics and transportation industry.

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