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Let’s apply software to logistics

1000 + B

Logistics industry in Europe alone (2.8x fashion)

250 +

Venture opportunities in logistics

10000 +

B2B customers in 7 global markets

Build a global business with us

> € 600  k

Pre-seed funding and a very attractive term sheet

300 +

Logistics industry experts in our network

50 +

Experts in operations and fundraising

We’re looking for entrepreneurs

We offer unique, market-making business opportunities


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What we offer

Beam offers unique advantages for founders. Creating a company is the hardest thing in business, and people who haven’t done it, don’t really understand. We increase your odds of success based on what we have learned as founders ourselves.

What we offer

Meet the team

We are a lean operation. We prefer expertise and diverse strengths focused on a small number of companies. We are just as hungry, just as humble, and just as focused as our startup founders. Our extraordinary network takes care of the rest.

Meet the team

How we invest

We identify non-obvious, market-changing business opportunities and collaborate with outstanding founders. We then launch startups jointly that address business problems at least 5X better than the status quo.

How we invest

Logistics startups

Logistics is a huge industry. Most existing business models haven’t yet been reinvented by software. We have compiled a list of logistics startups. Their number is rapidly increasing.

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80% equity for our founders

We’ve been founders ourselves. If there is one thing we want to maximize, then it’s our founders’ long-term motivation. We want to offer the most professional and most rewarding conditions for outstanding entrepreneurs.

See our terms

Let’s meet

And discuss your interests and our business opportunities.

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