US Innovation Workshop for Entrepreneurs, 19-20th Sept 2022

Do you want to co-found a startup in the logistics industry? Keep reading!

Join us for a fast track problem/solution ideation to develop deep industry insights in the Logistics space: a $1,000+ billion industry ripe for disruption.

We are looking for Entrepreneurs to join us and work intimately with industry experts with remote ninjas in support, over two days: 19th & 20th September, to deep dive into real life problems ripe for disruption.

You will be competing against other teams focused on building the best problem/solution pitch to an awarding panel and win a fast track validation for investment in your startup idea.

We’ll provide:

  • US Domestic travel and accommodation
  • $500 Stipend for the two day workshop
  • Access to world class experts in logistics
  • Workshop framework, planning and facilitators for the two days
  • Access to the Beam ecosystem as well as a potential future seat in the Beam Entrepreneurship in Residence program

You deliver:

  • High momentum and innovation
  • Your skills as an entrepreneurial leader
  • Leadership of a workshop team

Come join us to be in the room where it happens.

Closing date for applications: 29th July 

Successful entrepreneurs will be offered an opportunity to join Beam’s Entrepreneur in Residence validation program immediately after the workshop: we pay you a base stipend to build out your validation over the following 1-2 months and pitch for investment from Beam & BEUMER Group to launch your startup with 6-7 figure $$$ investment.

Apply here

More on Beam, the BEUMER Group that Beam belongs to, and what we offer you:

For this workshop, we will offer you pre-validated logistics problems, not solutions!

Pre-validated problems increase the likelihood of success due to better chances of product-market fit and an excellent ideation outcome with our specialists at BEUMER with whom you will carry out the workshop!

You have the freedom to pursue and develop your own business model and business plan in accordance with the workshop outcome. Depending on the scope of the problem, you can take (unfair) advantage of having a direct connection to the BEUMER Group following the workshop.

The BEUMER Group is a family-owned intralogistics company with offices in 72 countries. Founded in 1935, the Beckum, Germany, headquartered company carries its traditions in innovation on through Beam. Essential to our company’s DNA is that we are not looking for easy money but want to help you build something really big over many years to come.

Team members of Beam will also take part in the workshop and help you work through a planned and detailed set of activities. You will be advised and coached on business development – and have access to our network of experts at the session. Following a successful session at our BEUMER office in Somerset, New Jersey, you will receive our extensive support in searching – and finding – suitable co-validators/co-founders. We encourage you to also tap into your own network and propose a potential co-validator with your application.

Once an entrepreneur in residence at Beam, you will have the option of round-the-clock access to our office and meeting rooms and can work with the technical equipment that suits you best. You can work together with like-minded entrepreneurs in an atmosphere that makes you want to succeed.

Remember: This is not a job but an opportunity to create a leading startup! Joining Beam as an entrepreneur in residence means you are paving the way towards becoming a co-founder of a startup.