Head of Operations – Funded Beam startup

Background information

Beam is a Berlin-based startup company builder. We are supported by BEUMER Group – a family business and one of the world’s leading intralogistics companies.

European logistics companies turnover more than € 1,300 B annually, making logistics the fourth largest industry in Europe. Startups are only beginning to scratch the surface of the transformation made possible by applying software to business problems, and Beam is a part of this change.

About the position

We have supported a highly capable founder team to launch their software company. It is well-funded. The two founders are responsible for software engineering and product management as well as for sales and marketing.

They seek an executive colleague who will be responsible for operations and finance and part of the three-person company leadership team. The competitive remuneration package includes company equity.

Beam supports the company in the search.

Your responsibilities

  • Strategic planning and execution: You are responsible for co-developing and executing the company's business strategies. You work closely with your two leadership colleagues to set short-term and long-term goals and ensure the company's operations align with these objectives.

  • Operational management: You oversee day-to-day operations. This involves ensuring operational efficiency, quality control, and meeting customer expectations. You also develop and implement operational policies and procedures to maximize productivity and maintain high standards.

  • Financial oversight: You propose and align the company’s financial strategy with your two leadership colleagues. You oversee budgeting, cost management, and operational expenditures. You optimize resource allocation and ensure the company operates within its financial means.

  • Team leadership and development: As a member of the company’s three-person leadership team, you are involved in hiring, training, and mentoring staff, particularly in operational roles. You build policies that promote company culture and vision. And you ensure the team is aligned with the company's values and objectives.

  • Technology implementation: In a software technology startup, you must understand and effectively integrate technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. You maintain excellent communication with your leadership colleagues regarding internal and customer feedback.

  • Risk management and compliance: You identify potential risks to the business, and implement risk management strategies. You also ensure the company adheres to legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Stakeholder relations: You manage relationships with investors, partners, and key stakeholders, providing updates on the company's performance and strategic direction.

  • Innovation and growth initiatives: You identify new opportunities for growth and innovation, whether through expanding into new markets, developing new product lines, or exploring strategic partnerships.

  • Customer satisfaction and service excellence: You ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, addressing client needs effectively, and maintaining strong customer relationships.


We believe a diverse, highly motivated, and supremely talented team is key to success.

Given the scope of your responsibilities, you need to be very comfortable with making well-structured and -communicated decisions under pressure and uncertainty. You will also need to be constantly learning – and enjoying it.

We keep job requirements to a minimum because we seek someone with the right attitude and talent.

  • You have a degree in finance, business administration, or a related field.

  • You are commercially minded in your decision-making and strategic thinking.

  • You have worked in an early-stage startup as a part of the leadership or management team or you have founded your own company in the past.

  • You have worked in finance or operations for at least three years, preferably in management consulting or a technology environment.

  • You deeply understand financial, budgeting, and cash flow management.

  • You are analytical and can communicate very well.

  • You have excellent verbal and written English skills. German fluency or other spoken languages are a plus.


  • An attractive compensation model, including company equity

  • A permanent, full-time employment contract

  • Apple hardware setup

  • Perks: Wellness program.

  • Office in heart of Berlin

  • The potential to become one of the company’s managing directors after your probation period

Application process

We will get back to you within five working days. The application process consists of three stages:

  1. A remote, first-round interview to establish an initial fit

  2. A remote case study to understand your skill level better

  3. An in-person meeting with the company’s two-person leadership team