Co-Founder – (Ground Handling/Aviation, Pre-Seed Startup) – Beam

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses. Ultimately, your goal is to launch a high-potential startup related to the logistics industry. You will work with us through our EiR program over 3-6 months, where you'll validate business opportunities, be held accountable for timelines, deadlines, and deliverables, and prove you can create a viable business with us in Berlin.

An ideal Founder with Beam has the energy and commitment to launch and grow a high-growth startup and create effective solutions for outdated and cumbersome logistics problems.

Role Overview:

Are you passionate about transforming the aviation industry? Do you have what it takes to co-found a high-growth startup solving one of the most pressing problems in ground handling? Join Beam’s Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) program to lead a pre-seed startup that tackles the inefficiencies in ground handling services.

Ground handling services are currently detached from baggage handling data, leading to inefficient resource allocation. With a significant loss of workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry struggles with staff shortages, resulting in frequent delays and inefficiencies.

Beam aims to revolutionize this sector by integrating real-time data and optimizing resource allocation, streamlining operations, and improving working conditions for ground handlers.

We will want to speak with anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • You have a burning desire to start and grow a successful business in the logistics and aviation industry.
  • You possess a deep understanding of complex issues backed by curiosity and initiative.
  • You have a history of successful entrepreneurial endeavors or significant contributions within the startup ecosystem.
  • You can effectively simplify and convey complex information, maintaining a relatable and approachable style.
  • You have professional experience in technology or logistics, with at least two years in a startup environment.
  • You thrive in ambiguity, excel at finding solutions, and persist through challenges.
  • Assess and validate pre-identified logistics problems with potential for high-impact solutions.
  • Optimize Ground Handling: Work on integrating real-time baggage data with ground handling operations to improve resource allocation.
  • Develop Solutions: Create and test innovative solutions to reduce inefficiencies and improve working conditions for ground handlers.

Why should you choose Beam?

  • You are located in or are willing to relocate to Berlin, Germany.
  • Your startup success can be accelerated with an (unfair) advantage to your business model from the BEUMER Group. Your startup concept must have relevant connectivity to BEUMER Group's advantage to be relevant to Beam's program.
  • You will be advised and coached on growing your business idea - and have access to our network of experts to make you go faster. Our environment provides the resources and acceleration factors to get your idea moving at speed and grow into your early startup.
  • Beam will support you in searching for and finding suitable co-validators/co-founders for our program. We want to encourage you to tap into your network and make suggestions.
  • Meet other EiRs and founders as a member of Beam's universe, and use our beautiful offices in Berlin.
  • You will receive a monthly stipend of 2,500 € (gross)--with the opportunity to increase based on successful completion of performance metrics--to help you concentrate on your validation fully.

Why should you not choose Beam?

  • Beam won't suit active students, as the time commitment is more than a full-time (intense) job - and needs full attention. We'd love to hear from you once you've finished your studies and have the work experience described above.
  • Beam is based in Berlin; we're actively seeking entrepreneurs across the EU and ideally in Germany, so it's not suitable outside of the region.

How to apply?

  • You can apply with your LinkedIn profile (CV optional).
  • Please help us learn more about why we should be interested in you in our application form.

PS! For more information about the process and other details, head to the FAQ section on our jobs page.